Intern & Volunteer Opportunities


Allied Learning Institute provides coaching services to a wide range of clients, from people with developmental disabilities to individuals living with a mental illness. We utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology to collect data, indirectly and directly, in order to assist the client with their specific needs. Your roles and responsibilities as an intern will depend upon your interests and long-term goals, which will be discussed in greater detail during an in-person meeting. All interns of Allied Learning Institute will be supervised by someone with at least 10 years of experience.

Available Internship Opportunities:

  • Clinical
  • Strategic Planning: Competitive Analysis and Market Research.
  • Finance
  • Development: Grant Writing and Event Planning

Internship Structure

Internships are based on mostly remote work and involve 3 weekly check-ins, which will be performed either in-person or virtually. The 3 three check-ins are as follows:

  1. Intern group supervision.
  2. Check-in with department lead.
  3. Check-in with CEO.


Interns will be tasked with completing projects throughout the semester that are relevant to their chosen field. Examples of projects are as follows:

  • Planning/implementing our various fundraisers/mixers
  • Conducting market research and competitive analysis.
  • Creating/updating client profiles and identifying future growth opportunities.
  • Assisting in the development of grant proposals.
  • Developing and updating training methodologies that are used with parents and professionals.


Internship applicants would ideally meet the following requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled in a college program (4-year or community college), or be a college graduate.
  • Be able to dedicate 7-10 hours/week to the internship.
  • Be able to make decisions based on tangible data.
  • For Clinical interns: Major in Psychology or Behavior Analysis.

Internship Time Frame

Spring: January 1st to May 31st

Summer: June 1 to August 31st

Fall: September 1st to December 31st

Allied Learning Institute is an equal opportunity company, and we welcome anyone who would like to enhance their learning experience through our internship program. If you are interested in learning about and gaining hands-on experience in an ABA-based company, please fill out our application below.

Internship Application